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NO. 1 – She builds a castle or house with them

NO. 2 – She recycles them

NO. 3 – She makes new teeth for people who don’t have any

NO. 4 – She turns them into magic

NO. 5 – UMMMMMMM…No clue

Take a look at our YouTube page to see some funny videos on what happens when kids imaginations run wild!


Half Way mark on our Kickstarter Campaign!

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Hi there, we are at the half way mark on our Kickstarter campaign and couldn’t be more excited to announce we are at half way of our goal for funding!!!!

This accomplishment would not be possible without the support and involvement of so many wonderful people we are surrounded by. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much!!

Let’s keep this wonderful momentum going as we are only two weeks away from the end date. Please check our backers list which is updated daily and if there are still people that you were hoping would support, please send follow ups. and if there is any information you need please ask.

Here’s to another wonderful week!

Tanya & Thadshiga

Today is world story telling day!!

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I encourage everyone out there to take time today to sit down with a friend or family member and tell each other a memorable story.

How about a grandparent telling their grandchildren about life without p-pods (as my grandpa would say) or talking with a friend about family traditions celebrated in your culture.

We all learn and grow from the ones we surround ourselves with, so be thankful for everyone in your life that teaches you a little something!



8 is the number of times you have to engage a child’s imagination

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Between the ages of 5 to 9 most children will loose 8 baby teeth. That is 8 Tooth Fairy notes you can leave under your child’s pillow to add magic and spark to your their imagination. A tiny gesture builds onto family traditions and into fond memories of childhood.

It takes a community to make dreams come true

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Hey there!

We have been getting a lot of wonderful and positive comments on our  Kickstarter video.  Thank you!

A lot of people are asking where and how to purchase a copy of the book for themselves or just how to support our campaign:

You can do all of this through our Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter is a great tool for crowd funding neat and exciting new ideas that might otherwise be left a pipe dream if it weren’t made possible by a community of supporting people pulling together to make it happen!

So, after watching the video, please support our dream by clicking on the BIG GREEN BUTTON – BACK THIS PROJECT



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We have started a twitter account!! follow us @ToothTalesbook

Thank you to our Kickstarter Backers

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Pledge your support visit our Kickstarter Page:


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