About the Author

It has always been a dream of mine to write children’s books. But it was a secret and not too many knew about it.
Like most people, I got swept into the 9 – 5 work weeks, chauffeuring my daughter around to all her afterschool activities while making time to be a personal chef, housekeeper, and wife.

Most days feel like there is truly not enough hours in a day for all the regular demands of life let alone for dreams.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been an over thinker, a worrywart and pondering many things. So much so, I often find myself in conflict with my own thoughts. But when I hit the big 30, I really struggled with asking myself if I was diagnosed tomorrow with a terminal disease would I honestly be able to say that I was happy with what I have done in my life. I know it’s a morbid thought, but these are the thoughts floating around in my head.

As I mulled over a list in my head, my answer was YES, I have done a lot with my life and I’m happy about it

I went from being a high school dropout to a young mother who with the support of my wonderful husband and family went to college, and was determined to get a nice desk job – mission accomplished.

I am raising a smart, creative, funny, and all around great kid in the midst of generation Z (insert all previous generations’ laughter)

I am a statistic breaker! I’m happily beside my husband since the age of 15 and fall more in love with him each day.

We purchased a home in a neighbourhood my husband and I used to stroll around in saying “one day.”

But the book among other thoughts kept creeping up.

I knew this was where I needed to start and with the help of some wonderfully talented people I ventured out on the journey to write and self-publish my first children’s book.

Today, I am still juggling my 9-5 workweek and all my other responsibilities. I am back in college taking continuing education courses and I have started researching avenues in which I can give back or have an impact in my community, mainly involving children.

Oh, and I have just written and self-published my first children’s book.

Although it’s not an easy task, I have managed to find the time to follow my dream. Occasionally there have been moments of chaos and some meltdowns, but I am so happy and proud that I did it.

I am a true believer in thinking yourself into anything.

Imagine what you want, always think positive, picture yourself at the finish line and keep moving forward until you reach your dreams.


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