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Happy Birthday to Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth!!!

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Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth is here!!! June 11th marks the books birthday!!! We are very happy with how everything turned out! Thank you to SLG Group (our printer) for helping us along the way and ensuring our final product turned out the way it did, AMAZING!!

I can not wait for you all to have your books/posters/notes in hand. Next Thursday is the scheduled packaging and shipping day!

Please note: There are still a few outstanding survey responses, so please check back through your e-mails and submit your address info. We really want to send packages to all who wanted them, so if you can not find the e-mail please send your info to us through e-mail at
Tanya & Thadshiga


Off to print this week!!

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We are sending this as a reminder that we are going to print this week!!

As you know, the book includes a list of all our wonderful supporters on the dedicated ‘Thank You’ page. This list will be printed in all of the copies. We will be using the name(s) provided by you when you filled out the survey.

EXTENDED DEADLINE for name submission is Thursday May 28 before 3:00 p.m.

If we have not heard from you by the deadline date and time, we will use the name that you gave when you made your contribution. If you have filled out your survey you do not need to respond.

Here are some examples of ways you can be listed:
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Tanya Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Ward
Meaghan Ward
Meaghan, Roseabella, Bailey
Meaghan & Roseabella
Meaghan W.
W. Meaghan

I can’t believe we send everything to print this Friday!! It will be such an exciting two weeks waiting for the books.

Take care,

Tanya & Thadshiga

Tooth Tales update

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A lot has been going on not only with the book progress but as well with my own personal life. Many of you know that I am a mother to a soon to be teenage daughter who has a very active social life, lol. On top of all the other extra curricular she does, she plays on a lacrosse team that season started.

I am still getting used to our new schedule, and finding time to do all things that are important to us all.

I do have some exciting updates to share with you about the book. We are meeting with the printer tomorrow, we went through the scanning process of the illustrations and are now ready to start the official layout of the book!! I am so pleased with how they will look once printed! We also received our copyright last week!!

The next stage will take us through the next three weeks and then we will submit the layout for print, very exciting!

I know most backers have responded to the Kickstarter survey re – the name you want printed as the backer in the book, Thank you. If you haven’t had a chance please do so. We will need this information by May 8 in order to get organized for the printer. If we do not hear from you, the name given when you pledged will be the name used.

Take care and have a great couple of weeks!!


Time to Celebrate!!!!

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So, after 30 days (and 1 day to take it all in, lol) I am writing with exciting news! We have been successfully funded on our Kickstarter campaign and even surpassed our goal!!!

We are so grateful of all the support we have recieved, this truly was a group effort. Dreams are going to literally unfold into reality before us all into what I know will be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

Please keep following us on our progress, we can’t wait for everyone to get Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth in your hands!

Tanya & Thadshiga

Article Highlighted on Tamil Culture

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Today Tamil Culture included an article written by our own very talented Thadshiga Jayaseelan (editor and partner of Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth). They not only ran the article but it is the top article of the day!!

I encourage you to read this article as it focuses on our extremely talented illustrator Kannishaa Loganathan and highlights the importance of supporting and encouraging artists to follow their passion; even when it means veering off a more traditional path.

We are so glad to have Kannishaa on our team and I hope this article inspires other young Tamil artist to not just doodle quietly but to shine brightly like they were meant to!

If you have been following our Kickstarter campaign then you know we are 4 days out and 80% to full funding! We are so close, so please share with your friends and family there is still time to pre-order your copy of Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth on Kickstarter.

Final Stretch!! 8 Days left in our Kickstarter Campaign

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We can not believe that we are in the final week of our Kickstarter campaign!!! with 8 days left we have been ramping it up!

Just to share some updates with you all:

-we have over 550 views on our video – that is an amazing reach into the community! that means that many people are looking out for Tooth Tales – Lucy’s Loose Tooth!!

-our Twitter account is doing well and with 110 followers we are building exciting new relationships!

-we have over 90 backers on our project and are 70% funded!
with backers in Alberta, Austria and even Australia!

We are so close to our funding goal, and we know with all of the wonderful people in the community we can make this happen, so please if you have not already click on the link below watch the video then click the green button “BACK THIS PROJECT”

Thank you to our Kickstarter Backers – List 2

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Please remember that because we have so many great people backing us this is our second thank you list.


Eve and Peter Willis
Mags Shorey
Stephanie Sherrard
Melissa Harilal
Sam Schmidt
Niroshan Julius
Jennifer Utarid
Oscar S.
Sanjeev Amirthanathan
Patty Koblyk
Sri Lankeswaran
Nadia Kulasingam
Thishy Vaikudanathar
Linda Cavasin
Melissa Bettencourt-Diaz
Trevor Nash
Mike Bartlett
Anton Krish
Su Suva
Gaurav Sawhney
Kathy C.
Victor B.
Kaela H.
Vicki Lundy
Scott Slater
Ron Nadarajah
Sheriena Shanmugarasa
Pallavi Rao
Thanushan K.
Michelle Dobbs
Dany Nehru
Cindy N.
Shokoufeh Farnia
Mandy Walsh
Kris Shanmuganathan
Tina Triano
Adam Hutflesz
Paula ECB
Lorna Slater
Abi Jegan
Channade Fenandoe
Mike Biggs